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Allegations of 'massive' signature fraud in Michigan upend the GOP primary race for governor

The Michigan Bureau of Elections recommended on Monday that five of the day Republicans running for governor should be disqualified after an investigation allegedly found evidence of signature fraud on documentation needed to qualify for the ballot:


The candidates who may not make the ballot include “the polling & spending leaders, because too many of their signatures came from a fraudulent signature-gathering firm”:


“A MASSIVE signature forgery scandal just broke in Michigan. Investigators think ‘at least’ 68,000 signatures across 10 candidates’ petitions are invalid. Signature gatherers worked for multiple campaigns. 5 GOP governor hopefuls may be disqualified, including 2 leading candidates.”

Here are the findings from the Michigan Burea of Elections:


“Given the large number of candidates seeking to qualify for the ballot, Bureau staff began to
review nominating petitions at the end of March, after several gubernatorial candidates had
submitted nominating petitions. During this review, staff noticed a large number of petition
sheets, submitted by certain circulators, appeared fraudulent and consisted entirely of invalid
signatures. These petition sheets tended to display at least one of the following patterns:

*An unusually large number of petition sheets where every signature line was completed,
or where every line was completed but one or two lines were crossed out;3
*Many sheets showing signs of apparent attempts at “intentional” signature invalidity,
including sheets where an entry listed a county in the “city or township” field, or a birth
date rather than the date of signing in the “date” field;4
*An unusually large number of petition sheets that showed no evidence of normal wear
that accompanies circulation, including folding, scuffing, minor water damage from rain,
or any of the other characteristics that come from sheets being kept on clipboards and
handled by multiple people in public or outdoor conditions.
*Sheets that appeared to be “round-tabled’ a practice in which a group of individuals
passes around sheets with each individual signing one line on each sheet with
handwriting different from the circulator’s handwriting, in an attempt to make
handwriting and signatures appear authentic and received from actual voters.
*Sheets on which blank and completed lines were randomly interspersed, indicating that a
sheet had been submitted “mid-round-table.” In such cases, a sheet was submitted even
though the round-tabling process had not been completed.
*Sheets where all ten lines had signatures and partial addresses or dates, but only a random
subset were fully completed;
*Sheets on which every instance of the handwriting of certain letters across different
signatory lines and sheets, including in the signatures themselves, was near-identical;5
*Sets of sheets where the two or three distinct handwriting styles appeared on multiple


One candidate, MSP Capt. Michael Brown, has already dropped out:

And he’s denied any involvement with the scheme:

We’ll keep you posted on this story as well and note that this looks like the signature-gathering firms who are at fault, not the candidates:





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