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Rep. Charlie Crist admits inflation is a major problem, but he wants Gov. Ron DeSantis to do something about it

Rep. Charlie Crist — a sitting congressman endorsed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — admitted on Twitter over the weekend that inflation is indeed a problem but he wants Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to do something about it:


We have a question for Rep. Crist: Which one of the inflationary policies of President Biden’s that you’ve supported in the past do you know longer support?


For example, even CNN’s John Harwood was forced to admit that Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue plan “exacerbated inflation somewhat by over-stimulating consumer demand”:

And, how exactly, should Gov. DeSantis address this national crisis?

This is a good point, too. If inflation is Russia’s fault, as team Biden KEEPS saying, what should Gov. DeSantis do about that?


Even non-Republicans aren’t buying it:

If only:



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