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Rapper and businessman Uncle Luke calls out Joe Biden on unfulfilled promises to the Black community

American rapper, promoter, record executive, actor, and former leader of the rap group 2 Live Crew,” Luther Campbell, aka “Uncle Luke,” called out President Joe Biden over his unfulfilled promises to the Black community:

“Give me five reasons why Black people should Vote in the next election. Give me five BLACK promises that has been fulfilled by politicians in the last election. MAYOR & PRESIDENT.”

It appears that Uncle Luke is not familiar with the filibuster, however:

“Because most of the stuff you wanted from the majority (D) was put forth, but got blocked by the minority (R). Unfortunately, simple 50% majority isn’t enough to get shit done. You need 60% & not voting ain’t going to help. Might not get better, but shit def can get worse.”

He wants the president to use more “executive privileges,” whatever those are:

And Uncle Luke is not a big fan of the argument that judges can block dopey Dem legislation or “executive privileges”:

“Why shouldn’t we?…The current Supreme Court make up & all the federal judge appointments 45 made are two big reasons. As far as the President, he is at the mercy of Congress. Voting in the RIGHT people can help with that. That should be the focus, not refraining from voting.”

Same answer from Uncle Luke with the addition of, “Please do your homework”:

And other libs are concerned this would lead to voters staying home in November:


And who might this mystery candidate be?



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