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Alleged German guy tweets, 'I don't understand what guns have to do with freedom.' Who wants to tell him?

Twitter user “Sidney W.,” allegedly a German, tweeted, “As a German I don’t understand what guns have to do with freedom”:


. . .and then the ratio began:

Who wants to tell him?

Do any “history buffs” in the room want to weigh in?

First up, there’s that whole pesky section of German history where his people attempted to exterminate all the Jews in his country:

Maybe he should start there?

But we’ll help he get started on his research:

There’s also the Ukraine flag in his bio. That’s a real nice touch:

Guns — what are the good for?


At least he knows what he’s in for:

And, as a German, he should know that the word that describes our dunking is schadenfreude, the “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.



You mean like you did in Benghazi’? Hillary Clinton LECTURING Repubs to protect Americans from ‘out-of-control gun violence’ goes SO wrong

Stephen Gutowski calls out Gail Collins (and other lazy MSMers) over yet another ‘uninformed, incoherent New York Times op-ed on guns

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asks why the Left doesn’t come out with ‘more laws about illegal guns

Lori Lightfoot announces an insane curfew with an even more insane loophole for anyone under the age of 18 to curb gun violence

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