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Weird. Taylor Lorenz didn't include this tweet from a very important person in her article on the Disinformation Board

Over to you, Washington Post. . .

Why didn’t Taylor Lorenz mention Jeff Bezos — owner of the Washington Post — in her article claiming there was a coordinated right-wing attack on Nina Jankowicz and the now-paused DHS Disinformation Board?


Because Bezos sure appears to be mocking the board and its creation here:

Welcome to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Jeff!

It also appears that Lorenz totally mischaracterized former White House press secretary Jen Psaki “debunked” “false claims about the board during two news briefings.”

In the first briefing, Psaki didn’t even know who Jankowicz was:


And in the second, she ignored a question on Hunter Biden’s laptop and Jancowicz previously called it a “Trump campaign product”:

This whole article was a dumpster fire and the WaPo really needs to fix it:

And shame on the journos who are buying into Lorenz’s spin:





Taylor Lorenz blames ‘coordinated right-wing attacks’ after Biden’s Ministry of Truth reportedly hits the pause button

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Glenn Greenwald skewers Taylor Lorenz and WaPo over Nina Jankowicz in damning thread (complete with bonus receipts)

WaPo’s Dave Weigel doesn’t get why conservatives are so worked up over Taylor Lorenz’s grossly dishonest framing of Nina Jankowicz’s downfall

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