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New Dem talking points on abortion from the Pro-Choice Caucus swap out 'choice' for 'decision,' abandon 'rare' entirely

The Pro-Choice Caucus sent around “messaging materials” with new talking points for “Abortion Do’s and Don’ts” and, well, they’re pretty freaking stupid.


Here’s the list:

First up, “safe, legal, and rare” is now a “don’t”?

Apprently so!

“Safe, legal, and a rite of passage” is next:


And House Dems have already adopted the switch from “choice” to “decision,” as in they’re now chanting “my body, my decision”:


So, will the “Pro-Choice Caucus” change its name, too?

It’s the “pro-decision” movement, right?

You know things are bad for Dems when they’re being openly mocked by journos:

It’s because the Democratic Party leader class is so full of useless people:

“Good strategy,” everyone:

And why give up “rare”? Bill Clinton was lying about it, but it was good politics:

Dems, enjoy the losses to come. It was self-inflicted:


Even supporters hate the move from “choice” to “decision”!

And they wonder why they keep losing.



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