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Meet Kathy Barnette, the pro-life 'byproduct of rape' Black conservative creating a 'backstage panic' in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary

Ahead of the May 17 primary in Pennsylvania, Republican Kathy Barnette — a veteran, former adjunct professor of corporate finance, sought-after conference speaker, and conservative political commentator — is causing a “backstage panic” in the GOP thanks to her recent surging in the polls against better-known candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick:


Here’s the latest poll via Fox News:

In other words, this is a statistical dead-heat:

And she very well could be up in the polls at this point:

One major reason for the surge is her powerful pro-life story that she recently shared on how her mom was raped at age 11 and chose life over abortion. Have a watch:


She’s also been laser-focused on the issues that are “crushing” the working class. THIS message resonates:

She was also an early supporter of Donald Trump:

And she’s earned praise from Steve Bannon for her post-election comments:

But, there are concerns because she is a virtual unknown:


And she has some past comments to answer for:

Richard Grenell has even called her “unfit for office”:

More from Ric:

And he predicted that she will lose the general election:

But, her campaign has gone radio silent with even somewhat friendly outlets:

There are also questions about her military record which her campaign is not answering:



It is a bit odd:

But, with that said, she is starting to get support from “prominent conservative groups” including the Glub for Growth:



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