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'I am NOT kidding': Jennifer Rubin thinks overturning Roe may violate the 13th Amendment

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin — their former “conservative” columnist and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley School of Law — tweeted on Sunday that overturning Roe v. Wade may violate the 13th Amendment which, of course, prohibited slavery.


“If we are going down the road of mandatory pregnancy and mandatory childbirth we’re going to be in 13th Amendment territory,” she tweeted. “No, I am NOT kidding”

She added in a follow-up tweet, “sounds like involuntary servitude to me”:

And she had people cheering her on:

Watch another show/read another book, ‘eh?

Sigh. This would also be the same Jennifer Rubin who warned Dems about going “too far on abortion” just a few years ago:


The bad orange man broke so, so many people:

Wait until she finds out that Joe Biden has the same views as Barack Obama!

We mean that literally. Here she is responding to Richard Grenell to call out then-President Obama for supporting abortion “up to the moment of birth”:

So, now this is bad, Jennifer?




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Congratulations to Jennifer Rubin for winning the 2020 #HackMadness championship

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