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'Language warning': Mary Trump has meltdown over the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade thanks to her uncle

Let’s check in with Mary Trump, niece of former President Donald Trump, now that it looks like Roe will be overturned thanks in large part to her uncle, shall we? She’s not having a good day:

When the Politico article went live, she tweeted:

“The illegitimate right-wing majority on the United States Supreme Court is pro-rape, pro-incest, anti-woman, and anti-child. Are you cool with that?”

And she’s still waiting for the GOP to get destroyed thanks to her uncle:

That’s a lot of cursing!

“F*** this illegitimate SCOTUS. F*** the Republican party that enabled this. And if you don’t care that this decision makes women second-class citizens, fuck you too. We don’t have the luxury of time–we need to fight NOW. It’s Democrats vs. Fascists in 2022. Vote accordingly.

She should have given us a warning:

So, sure, keep booking her on the cable news shows:

Who wants to tell her that’s not how it works?

“I don’t like the current composition of the Supreme Court, therefore the entire branch of government is “illegitimate,” cried the person who constantly wails how deathly concerned they are about ‘institutions’ and ‘norms.'”

And, “This where we are today. The Left is literally calling the Supreme Court illegitimate! They say Republicans imperil our democracy?”:



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