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Kirsten Powers explains how she's 'like the majority of Catholics who support Roe'

In response to news that SCOTUS will overturn Roe, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers explained that she’s “Catholic, but *not* like those Supreme Court appointees…I’m more like the majority of Catholics who support Roe.”


Then she shared Pew opinion poll data to back up the claim:

Wait, the Catholic church polls Americans to decide what to do? Who knew!


We’re picturing the pope meeting with Frank Luntz to discuss his latest focus group of American swing-state voters:

And from NRO’s David Harsanyi: “I always knew Catholicism was predicated on Church doctrine. What I didn’t know was that doctrine was malleable, dictated by the vagaries of politics and polling. Fascinating!’:

Eventually, Nate Silver would have to get involved, right?


We’ll also point out that Americans have a very complicated view of abortion and it’s not anywhere close to where Dems are right now:

More on that from RCP’s Sean Trende:

“The maxim ‘twitter isn’t real life’ may apply to no issue more than it does to abortion rights. Most Americans think it should be legal early on, but also regulated/limited, and dislike the practice itself. This opinion also varies widely by state. 1/”

“Most people on this site sort into the relatively extreme positions of the two major parties: Almost no restrictions and government-funded, or made illegal. But when analyzing the impact of this opinion, just remember that most voters don’t sort neatly into either camp. 2/”


“So I come back to where I was last night: Most voters who are highly motivated by Roe are probably already sorted into the parties and highly motivated to vote. 3/”

“I think increased D engagement probably diminishes the likelihood of a “bottom falls out for Democrats” scenario where Republicans gain 40-50 seats, which was increasingly on the table. But I suspect the basic storyline is unchanged. 4/4″


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