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Here's a reminder that despite his recent dig at CNN, Jack Dorsey is NOT the good guy

Yesterday we told you how Twitter founder Jack Dorsey leveled some pretty mild criticism at CNN and journos in general, which caused a bit of a meltdown.

ICYMI, here’s that post again:


But we need to be clear about one thing. Jack IS NOT the hero all of a sudden because of one reply to Brian Stelter.

Here’s Grabien founder Tom Eliot with the reality check:

— Funding Ibram Kendi
— Censoring Hunter reporting
— 1st to kick Trump off a social network
— Mass purging millions of conservative accounts
— Naming a far-left activist as his successor
— Voting for the anti-Elon poison pill

Oh, and then Jack went out and admitted that he’s been sitting on a story that CNN purposefully created content and then filmed it during the Ferguson riots.

A story in three tweets:


From eyewitness Jack Dorsey himself:

Oh, and Republicans in the House still have questions on how the Hunter Biden story got censored on Twitter:

Jack says to “Check YouTube” for his answer:

Back then, he called it a “total mistake” but never explained how a total mistake of this magnitude could’ve been made in the first place:

Anyway, enjoy the GOP majority come January:


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