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Katie Pavlich and other conservatives respond to the preemptive Dem attack on oil prices

As we just told you, former Obama staffer Dan Pfeifer is already on the attack trying to link high gas prices to the Republican call to boycott purchases of oil from Russia:


And as we told you, Pfeiffer is omitting just a tiny bit of the GOP argument. You know, the whole part about how the GOP has been pushing for decades to increase energy production at home:

We expect we’ll hear a lot more of this Dem attack in the coming days, however. Here’s White House chief of staff Ron Klain retweeting Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell who made a similar argument to Pfeifer:

Did a memo go out or something?


Rampell added in a response to Sen. Marco Rubio’s call to increase domestic energy production that it will “take many months before any ramp-up in US production today feeds thru to more available oil, regardless of regulatory environment
In the meantime, US gas prices will spike, and people like you will use higher gas prices against Dems in the midterms”:

Twitchy regular “AG” called out Rampell for this “intentionally deceptive” take on oil markets:

Unfortunately for Dems, we know exactly what they’re attempting to do and we’re not standing for it. From our colleague Katie Pavlich:


And here’s Ben Shapiro:

Here’s a tip for Dems: We’re going to hammer team Biden on refusing to expand domestic oil production:

And, we expect, voters will side with Republicans come November:



Leadership! Biden admin reportedly set to announce ban on Russian oil, which will stick it to Putin by … sending US gas prices skyrocketing


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