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Do you agree with Gov. Ron DeSantis on his controversial, but admittedly tasty, declaration?

With everything else going on in the news yesterday, it was pretty easy to miss this major new development in Florida. . .

Strawberry shortcake is now the official dessert of the state of Florida:


Florida readers: Your thoughts?

And we expect this prediction will hold true:

It all makes perfect sense now!

For those that don’t know, strawberries are a major crop in the state:

But many, many folks weren’t happy with DeSantis over the choice:


And he’s being accused of stealing the dessert from Philadelphia:

And *is* strawberry shortcake really the signature dessert in the state?

Key Lim Pie folks would like a word:

“Key Lime Pie forever”:

Even his supporters think he’s wrong on this one:


This Miami-based editor agrees. Key Lime Pie for the win:

Did he go too far?

Exactly. This is way too important for an executive order. Put it on the ballot!



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