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Patricia Arquette explains what she *really* meant when she said 'Kick Russia out of NATO'

As we told you on Friday, we — and many, many others — called out Patricia Arquette when she tweeted, “Kick Russia out of NATO” in a response to a report that Russian troops were “laying down explosives around [the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant] in order to ‘blackmail the whole of Europe.'”


She has since deleted the tweet, but we have a screenshot:

Her explanation? She said she’s dyslexic and what she really meant was that Russia should be kicked out of the United Nations”:

And she provided this synopsis on dyslexia from the Vertical Skills Academy to back herself up:

From the link above:

“People with dyslexia read and write backward.”

True or False?

FALSE! People with dyslexia will often invert or flip letters or words in their brain as they read or write them, but it’s NOT because they’re reading or writing “backward”. It’s because of the phonological disconnect between sounds and symbols, caused by the different structure of a dyslexic brain. With the correct supports, such as intense Orton-Gillingham instruction, the brain can be trained out of those habits.

Of course, her plan to kick Russia out of the UN has issues of its own:


From Government Executive:

Experts said they understand the anger and frustration, but that it’s not possible to expel Russia—nor would it be wise to shut down a communications channel at a time of high tension.

“The UN is a political body. It is not a church. Ultimately, the UN is there as a place where states…can talk to each other in the last resort,” said Richard Gowan, UN director at the International Crisis Group. Gowen said expelling Russia would be “effectively impossible,” and added that it might even be counterproductive.

“I worry that if you shove Russia out, if you could find a way to shove Russia out, you just have Russia on the outside trying to undercut even these minimal forms of cooperation,” he said.

Any other ideas, Patricia? We’re all ears.


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