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In NYC, if you smear a woman's face with your own feces, they let you out of jail 'hours later' even with 44 prior arrests

From the New York Daily News:

“A homeless man accused of smearing his feces on a woman inside a Bronx subway station, left a courtroom in handcuffs… but hours later, he was free again — since the charges he faced in the new arrest don’t qualify for bail under the state’s bail reform”


The attack was caputred on surveillance camera:

And the suspect was released “hours later,” because of course he was:

You can curse at the judge, too, and they still let you out:


According to the New York Daily News, the suspect, aged 37, has “44 prior arrests”:

Apparently, anti-Semitism and death threats don’t get you locked up as well:

“I love people, but I saw the evil in his eyes. It was bad.” He “spits on me … said, ‘F—ing Jew.’”

And this guy isn’t even mentally ill:

“NYC’s war on women continues. This man is not mentally ill (perfectly lucid), but disgustingly attacked a woman on subway because she wouldn’t talk to him. Now, he is free to escalate next attack. We will hear his name again, when some poor woman is dead”:


What a broken city. From New York City PBA head Pat Lynch:

“New Yorkers are beyond disgusted. They want to know why a person like this is out on our streets and subways, but they’re not getting a straight answer.”


“It’s not just bail reform. It’s not just the broken mental health system. Our fundamental problem is a political culture devoted to doing and saying the bare minimum”:

“Election time is coming, so we will hear a lot of public safety talking points getting thrown around. We don’t need more talking points. We need real leadership and action”:


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