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Stephen King thinks the lessons we learned on the playground as kids can deter Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Yesterday we told you how author Stephen King tweeted that “Mr. Putin has made a serious miscalculation” and that “he forgot he’s no longer dealing with Trump.”


ICYMI, here’s that tweet again:

How’d that work out for the people of Ukraine?

Weird. This never happened under Trump:

Anyway, King followed up yesterday’s moronic take with one that’s even worse, if you can believe it.

Now he’s arguing that Russia, with its thousands of nuclear warheads, is like the proverbial playground bully and that the little kids might take a few blows while fighting back but it’s the right thing to do:


Does King actually believe this bulls*it?

More details, please:

And is he volunteering to go defend Ukraine?

War is good now, apparently:

Nope. They never will:

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