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The NYT's Maggie Haberman wants people to stop saying Covid infections in vaccinated people are 'all mild'

Triple-vaccinated Maggie Haberman of the New York Times announced on Twitter that she tested positive for Covid but she wants people to know that breakthrough cases aren’t necessarily as “mild” as they’re being described in the media.


“Been lucky it isn’t worse, but at its worst it was like a bad flu and it’s dragged on/lingered,” she said. “Would welcome folks not continuing to say it’s all mild”

Um, she’s describing a mild respiratory virus:

The symptoms and duration of Covid infections in the vaccinate population don’t appear much different than every other year, so why are we still talking about shutting things down now?

Maybe we need everyone who tests positive and then announces it on Twitter to include one of those smiley-face pain charts you see at the pediatrician’s office so we have a common reference point?


And when did we get to the point where “mild” became a synonym for “pleasant”?

Yet, they want to use Haberman’s example as a reason to keep things shut down:



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