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CIVILITY NOW! Cher compares the GOP to Nazi Germany in an all-caps, emoji-filled rant

As the media continues to lose it over yet another “Let’s go, Brandon!” moment, this time from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, here’s Twitchy regular Cher going all-caps to accuse the GOP of being a “WHITE’S ONLY CLUB” where “BLM, LGBT, JEWS, ASIANS, MINORITIES R IN🇩🇪STYLE PERIL,” an obvious allusion to Nazi Germany:


It’s weird how she left out what happened with Winsome Sears, right?

“GOP ARE NAZI’S IN LOCKSTEP,” she added in case the first tweet wasn’t clear:

And we’re flying monkeys, too:


Is it bad that we fully understand her? Maybe we’ve been covering her for too long lol:

Someone should do a wellness check:



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