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Amateur architect and billionaire Charlie Munger throws gasoline on the fire, says he'd rather be rich than loved for his dopey dorm design

Amateur architect and billionaire Charlie Munger is under fire over his design for a new dorm at the University of California at Santa Barbara that is planned to house 4500 students in tiny windowless cells with no natural light or fresh air.


Literally. We mean all of that literally:

The dorm — Munger Hall — is being called a “transformational project to address the campus’s great need for more student housing”:

Munger calls the design, “ship architecture on land”:

Munger has characterized the design as “our version of ship architecture on land” for its efficient use of space and for being all-inclusive — nearly everything a resident could want or need is available on site. He has said his primary goal for the building is that it ultimately be “so much better than normal that it will become widely admired as among the best.”

Munger reportedly donated $200 million for the project under the condition that his design is used without any changes:


Who would stay here? “94% of the units do not have access to natural light or fresh air”:

Munger, throwing gasoline on the fire, said in response to the criticism that he’d “rather be a billionaire and not be loved by everybody than not have money”:

One of the consulting architects on the project has already quit in protest:

Here’s a photo of one of the 8-room suites that looks to have one toilet and one shower and a common area that only includes a dining room table:


For comparison purposes, here is Munger’s dorm room compared to a cell in a Norwegian prison:

Others are comparing it to the fictional dorms in Netflix’s “Squid Game”:

On the bright side, there is plenty of surfboard storage in the mega-dorm:


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