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Progressive prosecutor quits the San Francisco DA's office, calls Chesa Boudin a 'sinking ship'

We don’t want to get our hopes up, but it sure does look like San Franciso District Attorney Chesa Boudin is in trouble as election officials determine if enough signatures were gathered in time to force a recall election:


And in response to this news, prosecutors in his own office have had enough:

Brooke Jerkins, the homicide prosecutor quoted above who just quit, called the DA’s office under Boudin’s leadership a “sinking ship . . . like the Titanic” and will now work on the recall effort:

But she’s not alone:

It’s long past time for Boudin to go:


Jenkins told the San Francisco Chronicle that Boudin’s first priority “was public perception, the 2nd priority was incarcerated people” and “the victims of crime did not count among his priorities unless it helped public perception”:

This is such a damning critique of Boudin, but it’s what conservatives have been arguing for years:

Keep in mind, Jenkins calls herself a “progressive prosecutor”:

Actually, it’s not so complicated. He’s awful at his job and he put his politics first:


The question remains, however, can libs get both criminal justice reform and still prosecute crimes:

It may not be possible:


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