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All the media had to do was be honest about Joe Rogan's Covid diagnosis but instead they went with 'horse dewormer'

Podcaster Joe Rogan announced in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday that he’s tested positive for COVID-19:


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Instagram is down right now but he said in the video that he started treatment immediately with “monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, a z pack, prednisone, an ‘NAD drip’ and a vitamin drip”:

And, of course, instead of just being honest and pointing out that even healthy people may need advanced treatment with monoclonal antibodies to clear a Covid infection, they went with the “horse dewormer” angle:


This might be news to the Nobel Prize winners who won because of all the humans using Ivermectin:

And yet, they’re all doing it:

CNN went all-in as well:

And in the Washington Post’s coverage, they didn’t even mention all the other drugs Rogan used:


Does Ivermectin work? Who knows. But the way the media is covering it is just deplorable:

This is just “straight up factually inaccurate”:


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