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'Poor forest management': Caldor Fire forces the evacuation of South Lake Tahoe

Evacuations were ordered in the town of South Lake Tahoe on Monday as the massive Caldor Fire continues to threaten homes and property in the area:


It is being called “the worse [fire] in the area in 100 years”:

The fire has burned “more than 186,000 acres” so far:

And as of this morning, it’s only 15% contained:

The ski resort Sierra-at-Tahoe used their snow-making equipment to keep the firing from destroying the chair lifts and other infrastructure:


More coverage with maps so you can see exactly what’s burning and where:

The evacuation yesterday caused a massive traffic jam out of town:


But everyone reportedly kept “their cool” with “no honking or cursing”:

One resident played his violin for the stranded motorists:

Not everyone evacuated, however.

This local resident called the fire “inevitable” and he blamed “poor forest management’:


Stay safe, everyone:



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