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Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions distance themselves from the DOJ subpoenas of Dems as IG Michael Horowitz, Congress launch investigations

On Friday, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced a new probe of “the department’s Trump-era secret subpoenas against Apple for data belonging to House Democrats”:

According to reports, the “DOJ under Trump demanded metadata on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses from Apple, the company said tonight”:

And after Horowitz announced his investigation, Microsoft said they also received a subpoena back in 2017:

More on the new IG probe here:

But former AG Bill Barr says he was “not aware of any congressman’s records being sought in a leak case”:

Barr also said Trump “never encouraged him to target the Dem lawmakers in this case”:

Ditto for former AG Jeff Sessions:

Which means all eyes right now are on Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein:

Along with the IG investigation, Congress is demanding Barr and Sessions testify under oath:

And Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) is preparing new legislation to “reform abuse of gag orders and provide more transparency about government surveillance”:

The House is ready to investigate, too:




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