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New report by Axios exposes the total and complete HYPOCRISY of Senate Dems and 'dark money'

Remember a few months ago when Dem Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse was on that tear against GOP dark money groups that he accused of funding voter suppression?


Yeah, about that. . .

Via Axios, “A dark-money group aligned with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer helped pay for deceptive ads aimed at depressing Republican general election turnout in 2018”:

They have the tax returns, too:

Mind you, this group was funded to attack GOP Senate candidates “from the right to depress GOP turnout”:

Over to you, Sen. Whitehouse:

We’re waiting:


This IS what he was worried about happening, right?

Now, imagine for a second this was Republicans and how the media would cover it:

And then imagine the reaction from Dems:

What total and complete hypocrites they are.


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