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Elon Musk decries the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining for his company that relies totally on ravaging the planet with regular mining

Elon Musk announced via a series of tweets on Wednesday that his electric car company, Tesla, will no longer accept bitcoin as payment due to the environmental impact of mining cryptocurrency:


Musk wrote, “We are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining” and the use of cryptocurrency “cannot come at great cost to the environment”:

He then tweeted out a chart showing the energy usage behind crypto mining:

First of all, does anyone believe him?

And everything he says can also be said about the electric vehicle industry and how it’s powered by traditional mining of metals out of the Earth:


What’s the carbon footprint of his space program, too?

As you might expect, markets reacted negatively to Musk’s announcement:

In chart form:

Or maybe he’s helping?


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