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Photo shows Israeli newborns sheltering in a fortified hallway during Hamas terror attack

The account for Israel’s Defense Forces says over 1000 rockets were launched at Israel from Gaza during a 38-hour period of terror attacks:


And if this number is accurate, almost 20% of the rockets landed in Gaza by accident:

Here’s footage of the Iron Dome defense system intercepting rockets over Tel Aviv last night:

The terror attacks forced hospitals to shelter patients, including these newborns:

And moms who didn’t have shelters did the best they could:

But it wasn’t just rockets. . .

There were riots across the nation including in the Jewish-Arab city of Lod where synagogues were torched and Jewish citizens evacuated with a police escort:


Here’s some of that damage:

Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a state of emergency:

One of the Hamas rockets that landed in Lod killed a 16-year-old Palestinian girl and her father:



Reprisal attacks against Hamas leaders were reportedly carried out as well:


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