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Vox founder Matt Yglesias fact-checks the 'bad day' clip from Vox's Aaron Rupar in the shot/chaser of the year

SHOT. . .

Vox’s Aaron Rupar shared this 20-second clip with now over 10 million views that went mega-viral with blue-checks quoting from the news conference in Atlanta that left the impression that a police officer said the suspect in the murders was having a “bad day.”


Rupar wrote, “‘Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did’ — a law enforcement official explains Robert Aaron Long’s decision to kill 8 people in a strange manner”:


And that narrative was BS. From Vox founder Matthew Yglesias who listened to the entire clip and says the cop was “relaying the suspect’s statement to the press as part of the briefing”:

You think?

“The new will forever more be, not just fake, but optional”:


The fact that Rupar shared it should have been a giveaway, too:

Do better, Vox:


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