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Major BOOMERANG in progress after BuzzFeed asks for stories about 'the most disgusting thing your rich pals have done during the pandemic'

BuzzFeed News is asking for people to email them stories about rich people they know and the “most disgusting thing [they’ve] done during the pandemic”:


Are they really this tone-deaf? Apparently, they are, as many people are reminding the venture-backed media company of the 47 HuffPost employees they just fired during a Zoom meeting where the password was “springishere“:



Others noted that BuzzFeed fired the HuffPost staffers without ever even holding a meeting with their teams:

As for what people are emailing, it looks like we’re going to get a lot of people ratting on their family members who aren’t really rich:


Amber Jamieson, the reporter behind the ask, replied with “friends and family stories accepted!!!”:

More of what we can expect:

So this is just going to be a collection of normal people?


Hard pass from us.



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