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Ted Cruz's call for regulators in Texas to 'act swiftly' earns Ted Lieu's approval

Sen. Ted Cruz has never been shy about the fight for deregulation:


He even bragged about how the “principles of free enterprise & low regulation” are behind the success of Texas’ energy industry:

Which is why it was odd to see Sen. Cruz share this Dallas Morning News article on how customers who switched over to an energy provider that sold electricity at the wholesale price and who are now seeing sky-high bills all of sudden need “state and local regulators” to “act swiftly to prevent this injustice”:

The article above is about the company, Griddy, which GOP Texas State Rep. Jared Patterson talked about here in this long thread explaining what is going on:


It’s important to point out that not everyone in Texas is getting these enormous bills:

And Griddy’s customers paid less for their electricity “most of the time”:

Cruz calling out Griddy, however, did earn Rep. Ted Lieu’s (D-CA) approval and he’s using Sen. Cruz’s tweet to bash deregulation and the free market:


And other libs are pretty psyched to see his apparent new stance on regulation:

Of note, these price *were* approved by regulators:


But there *IS* a real problem here as many of these customers have no way to pay these bills. As Texas figures out what to do next, they’re putting a halt on collections and will prevent companies from cutting off power and water to those who can’t pay:



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