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UNITY? Ali Alexander brings together Keith Olbermann, Kurt Schlichter and John Cardillo

Activist Ali Alexander, who is working to gather support for state legislatures to step in and appoint electoral college electors who say President Trump won the election, tweeted last night that he’s “willing to give my life for this fight”:


And this has brought together some people who we never, ever thought would be mentioned in the same Twitchy post.

Keith Olbermann accused Ali of Jim Jones-like cultism:

While Townhall’s Kurt Schlicter pointed out, “As long as you are now unreservedly and unconditionally advocating we support the GOP Senate candidates, fine”:

And John Cardillo suggested this “level of drama” indicates that his “donations are drying up”:


Ali’s tweet, however, was boosted by the Arizona Republican Party:

They then added this clip and quote from Rambo 4:

And there goes today’s news cycle:

And the lib reactions are just getting started:


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