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Louisville man FIRED after pointing his legally owned gun at an armed BLM protester who is also a convicted felon

Protesters are furious after one of their own, a woman and convicted felon named Robin Ash, was arrested after video showed her pointing a gun at an armed man during a confrontation in Louisville, KY on Friday:


From the Courier Journal:

Robin Ash, 34, was arrested without incident, according to LMPD’s Facebook post. Metro Corrections records show she faces felony charges of wanton endangerment, criminal mischief and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

Ash’s problem? It’s all on video from a police helicopter hovering over the protest. From the LMPD Facebook page:

Yesterday, during the protest activity in the Hurstbourne/Shelbyville Rd area, individuals were observed surrounding and inflicting damage on a vehicle at the traffic light on Hurstbourne Pkwy. During this event, a woman who was participating in the protest pointed a handgun at the occupant of the vehicle, placing him and others in extreme danger. This occurs at the 30 second mark. Fortunately, officers were able to move the crowd away and took her into custody a short time later without incident.
Please see this video captured by our Air Unit.



Maybe the driver wasn’t arrested because he was legally allowed to own the gun? We’re just spitballing here:

And police say the man was the victim in the encounter:

Louisville Metro Police spokesman Lamont Washington said in an emailed statement that the driver was not arrested “because he was the victim in the incident” and no charges against him are expected.

He was, however, fired. From WHAS 11:

Although there were no charges, the man’s employer decided to fire him. A statement from American Air Filter Flanders Company said “AAF Flanders supports the right to peacefully assemble as an expression of free speech. In our view, the actions of this individual show poor judgement and are inconsistent with the core values of our company. As such, this individual is no longer with the company.”

Here’s the angle that protesters say somehow vindicates Ash:


What’s to explain? There were two guns, one legal and one illegal:

Ash claims she was acting in self-defense:

And she’s planning on suing, because why not:

Ash’s attorney, David Mour said he’s going to sue the officers involved in the case “for malicious prosecution of this lady, I’m going to sue them for slander, and for defamation,” he explained.


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