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Dear journos: Wake the f*** up on the issues with mail-in voting

President Trump is under fire — AGAIN — for saying there are potential problems with mail-in voting come November:


CNN’s Daniel Dale later said we should disregard everything the president says about voting by mail:

And we’re being told that it’s not a big deal because it’s just 4 news states that are sending unsolicited ballots to all voters this year for the first time ever:

Oh really? One of those states is Nevada, a swing state. Can you say Florida 2000, anyone?

And while we’re talking about Florida, here’s Politico’s Marc Caputo warning that there could be more than 100,000 vote-by-mail ballots rejected in the Sunshine State because of various issues:


This *IS* going to be an issue, folks:

Michigan — another swing state — just allowed mail-in ballots up to 14 days after the election:

We’ll be *begging* for Florida 2000 at this rate:

How about the swing-state of North Carolina? Libs are already warning of ballots cast by African Americans getting rejected four times more than ballots from white voters. In a close election, this could be the margin of victory:


Wake the f*** up, journos. Just because you don’t like President Trump or the way he says something, doesn’t mean there’s not a very big potential issue here.


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