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MAJOR errors discovered in Florida's reported COVID-19 test results; Update: MORE errors discovered


Even more errors were discovered:


And Orlando Health has no idea what happened:

We still don’t have a definitive answer yet, but here’s the latest from the Flordia Dept. of Health:

Original post. 

An investigation by Fox 35 in Orlando discovered major errors in Florida’s daily report on COVID-19 tests with many clinics around the state reporting 100% or near-100% positivity:

It’s not yet clear what happened, but the only clinic to respond back to Fox 35 — Orlando Health — reported that it’s 98% positivity rate is really 9.4%:


How could that be? FOX 35 News investigated these astronomical numbers, contacting every location mentioned. Orlando Health, the only to answer our question, confirmed errors in the report. Its positivity rate is in fact only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.

FOX 35 News has yet to hear from the other labs or the Florida Department of Health to explain how the error could have been made on an official report.

The state, so far, is not responding to reporters:

WTF is going on, Florida?

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and trying to decide if it’s safe for schools to open and the data is suspect?

So, what are the real results?

Again, it’s not clear what’s going on and one explanation flying around is that these clinics “either tested few people or because they’re… hospitals which are re-testing patients”:


We’ll keep you posted:


Editor’s note: We’ve added an additional tweet to this post. 

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