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Madeleine Albright says President Trump wants to 'shut down America' with his immigration EO. Who wants to tell her?

Madeleine Albright is very worried that President Trump’s potential EO limiting immigration to help stop the spread of coronavirus would “kind of shut down America” which she goes on to say is “un-American.” Uh, who wants to tell her?


She went on to say, “the Statue of Liberty is weeping”:

The only possible way coronavirus could’ve been slowed down in America is if in say January the world came together and banned air travel from Coronavirus hot spots. We probably should’ve shut down New York City, Seattle and San Francisco, too. But they won’t admit that because they need to figure out a way to bash President Trump over this:

These are the same people are losing their cookies over a barber shop opening in Georgia or allowing a person to walk on a beach in Florida:


Oh, we also like how she skipped over all the un-American stuff that’s going on like preventing people from growing their own food:

We’re so done with these people:

And good luck making this a campaign issue:


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