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Here's the video Facebook doesn't want you to see from James O'Keefe on COVID-19

Facebook has pulled the latest video from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas saying it’s spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

“Equating COVID-19 with the common flu could cause people not to take the advice of medical professionals and thus contribute to the virus’ spread.”


Except the one equating it to the flu in the video was the health professional from the Army National Guard who administered a COVID-19 test to O’Keefe. Here’s the offending segment so you can see if for yourself:

And here’s the entire video:

CNN’s Brian Stelter then wrote it up for his newsletter, admitting the video did not violate YouTube or Twitter’s policies:


Oliver Darcy emails: Facebook on Tuesday night said it would remove a video posted by right-wing activist James O’Keefe for violating the platform’s policies related to Covid-19 misinformation. The video featured O’Keefe goading workers at a drive-thru testing center into criticizing the media and downplaying the public health emergency. O’Keefe, for instance, repeatedly asked if the media was overhyping the situation. One National Guard member equated the virus to the flu and that quote ended up being used by O’Keefe to promote the video. A Facebook spokesperson told me, “Equating COVID-19 with the common flu could cause people not to take the advice of medical professionals and thus contribute to the virus’ spread.”

Spokespeople for Twitter and YouTube said the video didn’t break their policies…

O’Keefe then lit into Stelter for trying to get the video pulled by other platforms, reminding everyone how Stelter didn’t even cover how CBS fired an innocent woman over his Epstein video:


You know, having video of people giving the tests comparing it to the flu is what used to be known as “reporting”:

And what’s also news is that O’Keefe got his test results in under 48 hours (he was negative):



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