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Katie Pavlich, Dan Bongino and others respond to Julia Ioffe and her, 'Who's the s*ithole country now?' question

GQ magazine’s Julia Ioffe thinks America is a “s*ithole country” after reading this NYT article headlined, “U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Cases”:

First up, we’ll point out that the “experts” had cautioned against comparing coronavirus statistics from different countries but that’s now out the window:

But, back to Ioffe. How is she always this awful?

Yes, she’s serious:

And to answer her question, it’s China. China is the s*ithole country:

They bash America but don’t anyone dare say anything about China:

Why do so many libs give them a pass?

We’ll note that if she was Chinese and tweeted this about China, things would go a little differently than just a mean Twitchy post:

This IS who they are:

We get her need to dunk on Trump and all, but this is happening everywhere, not just America:

At some point we need to look at what went wrong and not just point fingers at the bad orange man. But that day is not today, evidently.


Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo in the headline. It’s Dan Bongino, of course, not Don. 


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