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Trump puts the SMACKDOWN on CNN's Jim Acosta during press conference in India

We regret to inform you CNN’s Jim Acosta is at it again, this time at President Trump’s press conference in India.

It all started when Acosta asked the president about potential Russian interference on his behalf in the upcoming election and asking if new acting DNI Ric Grenell’s past clients might disqualify him for the position:


Trump quickly smacked Acosta down, reminding him that CNN itself just reported that the report on Russia trying to help his campaign was BS:

During the back and forth, Acosta said, ““Mr. President, I think our record on delivering the truth is a lot better than yours sometimes”:

Does Acosta really think “sometimes” is the dunk he thinks it is?


Keep in mind, one of the reports that had to be walked back was by Acosta:

And how come this keeps happening, but only from Acosta? No other journo does this:


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