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Guardian columnist under fire for posing with woman in a lewd T-shirt

Owen Jones, a Guardian columnist who calls himself a socialist in his bio, is in some hot water after he posted this photo of himself next to woman in a T-shirt that says “Will Suck D*ck for Socialism” and captioned it with “Fact”:

Folks quickly told him that this wasn’t funny:

And worse:

Jones admitted soon after that it was one of his favorite tweets:

And that didn’t go over very well either:

UK elections are quite entertaining:

It’s gonna happen!

We’re noticing a theme with his tweets:

Anyway, after the uproar, he took to Twitter to say he was just joking:

Every good joke needs at least two explanations on Twitter don’t you know:

OK, these are funny though:

And if you’re an AOC-supporting troll hate reading Twitchy right now, order your T-shirt here!

Screenshot for posterity:



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