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Foul-mouthed Alyssa Milano has a brand new reason to hate President Trump, but we're calling 'Malarkey!' on her

As Joe Biden would say, this is a bunch of Malarkey!

Or are we really to believe that the foul-mouthed Alyssa Milano sent her kid out of the room when they played a clip of President Trump mocking Lisa Page:


One, she was obviously watching a cable news channel when this allegedly happened. And if this is the bar she’s set for what’s appropriate on TV for her kids, then they shouldn’t be in the room for most cable news shows, right? Oh, and does she make the kids leave the room when mommy types?

This is “fake outrage”:

What are the chances she doesn’t curse in front of her kids?

And it’s a good thing she didn’t have kids during the Clinton administration. Cable news was just a tad more salacious then:



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