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Lisa Page joins Twitter, says Trump's 'fake orgasm' was 'the straw that broke the camel's back'

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page has joined Twitter as well as given her first interview to Twitchy regular Molly Jong-Fast, writing for The Daily Beast and not The Bulwark this time:

“I’m done being quiet,” she says in her first tweet:

The IG report is supposed to be out December 9. Is this a prebuttal of sorts?

Maybe “she’s busted”:

She decided to speak up now, she says, because of the way President Trump mocked her and her former lover, Peter Strzok, at a rally last month:

This goes two ways, lady:

We’re not sure this is going to go the way she thinks it is:

Strzok and Page were both married when they had their affair. Does anyone care about their spouses feelings?

But now we’re supposed to just accept that she’s the real victim? GTFOH:

How soon until she’s on CNN?



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