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Harvard Online calls Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the 'intellectual equivalents of burgers and pizza'

The Twitter account @HarvardOnline is promoting free online education classes created with the assistance of Harvard University faculty members by crapping on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, calling them the “intellectual equivalent of burgers and pizza — hard to resist, but with limited nutritional value for our hungry minds”:


That quote comes from this 2018 article in the prestigious Harvard Business Review:

Just like our evolved inclination to maximize caloric intake is no longer adaptive — but maladaptive — in a world of abundant and cheap fast food, our evolved predisposition to consume as much novel information as possible is no longer advantageous in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and clickbait news. Kim and Kanye are the intellectual equivalent of burgers and pizza — hard to resist, but with limited nutritional value for our hungry minds.

So Harvard used Kanye and Kim as clickbait to promote online courses that will improve on getting information from clickbait news? Good luck with this tweet, guys:

Oh, it’s going to get real bad for Harvard real soon:


And this really isn’t the smartest thing to tweet especially when you’re fighting a racial discrimination case:



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