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WHOA: The @BetosBlog parody account now PERMANENTLY BANNED. What about these Trump parody accounts then?

It looks like the suspension of the very funny @BetosBlog parody account is actually a permanent ban with Twitter accusing the account of violating the company’s rule governing the impersonation of others:


So, did Twitter just happen to stumble across this new account on its own or did someone with some pull ask the company to ban the account? We should note that Beto’s rambling travel logs have become the source of mockery from the MSM:

Twitter has so many other problems but this? This they’re right on top of:


Maybe Team Beto is afraid because he’s become a joke? A furry joke that is:

Countdown until the new parody account launches:

And again we must ask, “Where’s the consistency?” For some inexplicable reason, parody accounts of the president seem to flourish:



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