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BuzzFeed writers LIGHT UP CNN's Oliver Darcy after he questioned BuzzFeed's story on Ariana Grande's new #ThankUNextVideo

The top 3 trending topics nationally on this relatively slow news Friday night are all related to the released of Ariana Grande’s new music video, “Thank U, Next”:  #ThankUNextVideo, Kris Jenner and Ariana.


Which is why BuzzFeed has the video, which is an homage to the movies “Bring It On,” “Mean Girls” and “Legally Blonde,” featured prominently on its news homepage, which is a problem for CNN’s Oliver Darcy for some reason. He tweeted, “BuzzFeed does a lot of great journalism — so how is this the lead story on BuzzFeed NEWS dot com?”

And Darcy’s criticism isn’t going over very well with BuzzFeed writers and staffers.


Deputy Global News Director Ryan Broderick:

BuzzFeed reporter Julia Reinstein:


Head of Breaking News Tom Namako:

Director of Communications Matt Mittenthal:

Politics Editor Matt Berman:

Sarah Yasin adds a few links from CNN for Darcy to check out since he’s the new Ariana police:

It’s actually pretty newsworthy and why wouldn’t BuzzFeed cover it?


They can do both, you know:

And as great as these anti-Darcy tweets are, the addition of this zinger on Chris Cillizza is even better:

You can watch the entire video here:

Editor’s note: The headline has been corrected to fix a typo in Oliver Darcy’s name.




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