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Chris Wallace shares his hilarious tips on how to survive Thanksgiving dinner

It’s that time of year again where journos write their hot takes on how to survive the inevitable Thanksgiving political debate, so why not share a funny one instead?


Here’s Fox News’ Chris Wallace with his tips, via the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”:

They are…

No. 1: Serve Wild Turkey!

No. 2: No fighting at the table. Utilize backyard fighting pits for adults — and kids! — instead:

No. 3: Add extra tryptophan to the turkey and put your family to sleep:

No. 4: Be polite and say “excuse me” when you want to leave the table or “freedom of the press is the cornerstone of our democracy” (this one might start a fight, tbh):

And, finally, No. 5: Rather than fight over who does the dishes, just move:


4 out 5 ain’t bad.



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