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Donald Trump congratulates Martha McSally after she WHALLOPS Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio

Congratulations to Rep. Martha McSally on her YUGE win over challengers Dr. Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio last night in the Arizona Republican party to fill the vacancy of retiring Senator Jeff Flake:


President Trump quickly congratulated Rep. McSally, although he stayed out of the primary:

Vice President Pence was actually the first to congratulate Rep. McSally, but that was before even a single ballot was cast and he deleted it:


Rep. McSally, who flew combat missions in an A-10 attack aircraft, quickly attacker her future opponent Krysten Sinema:

Sinema calls herself a centrist:

And Nate Silver has the race as a slightly in Sinema’s favor at this point:


Hardest hit might be Tomi Lahren, who came under fire for calling Sen. John McCain a RINO while campaigning with Ward on the day the senator’s family announced he was ending his cancer treatment:




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