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Bronx public defender CALLS OUT Maggie Haberman for defending prosecutors on plea deals

Michael Bloch, a public defender in the Bronx, called out Maggie Haberman in a tweet on Wednesday over the New York Times reporter’s assertion that “prosecutors would not have accepted [former Trump lawyer MIchael] Cohen’s guilty plea if they didn’t believe his information was truthful.”


“I’m no Cohen or Trump fan, and Cohen may well be guilty,” Bloch tweeted. “But prosecutors take plenty of pleas that aren’t truthful.”

Bloch added, “That’s what happens when you threaten someone with 80 years in prison and offer them a deal to 3. It’s pure fiction that only guilty people plead guilty.”

Haberman had been criticizing a tweet from the president where he said suspects often “make up stories in order to get a ‘deal'”:

Reason editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown added her concern as well:



More from Bloch here:





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