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Pop star Halsey says free hotel shampoo 'alienates people of color'

Pop star Halsey, who has said in the past that “I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman” tweeted yesterday that “perfumed white people shampoo” given out for free by hotels “alienates people of color:


Until this very moment, we never knew tiny bottles of shampoo could be racist:

The blow dryer might be racist, too:

What the hotel industry really needs is Uber, but for tiny toiletries:

But this might not go over as intended:

Others, despite their white people hair, agreed with Halsey:

But, come on:


Now, has the very wealthy Halsey ever considered bringing her own?

We suspect hundreds of thousands of Americans bring their preferred products with them every day:

For example:

Or maybe someone in the entourage can pack it?


She later did admit to bringing her own hair care products on the road, but said it would be a financial burden for other women to bring their hair care products with them:

And she’s not sorry for any anger that she’s caused:

Over to you, hotel industry:


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