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BAM! Ari Fleischer BUSTS 'hyperventilating' press over Friday's @PressSec gaggle

Like CNN, the New York Times is not happy with getting excluded from today’s press gaggle and responded with this statement from executive editor Dean Baquet saying “nothing like this has ever happened at the White House”:


Oh, really? Here’s former GWB press secretary Ari Fleischer with the fact-check:

Keep in mind, Fleischer isn’t happy with what happened today, but he just wants everyone to take a chill pill:


Fleischer went on to note that the only difference with today was because it was the press secretary who did it:

Many others pointed out additional examples of Hillary Clinton and President Obama doing basically the same thing. For example, when Clinton prevented pool reporters from using the bathroom:


And kicking conservative reporters off of Air Force One:

Or when President Obama booted Fox News:

More from Sirius radio’s Julie Mason:

And from Susan Ferrechio of the Washington Examiner:

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs gave a much more sober description of what went down this afternoon:


So, what’s the big deal?


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