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Final tally from the White House: 7 tweets about the Denver Broncos, 2 on D-Day/troops

Yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, but you wouldn’t know it from the official White House twitter feed. They posted or RT’d 7 different items about the Denver Broncos, who visited the White House Monday to celebrate their 2016 Super Bowl win, with 2 tweets on D-Day and the troops.


Check it out…

First, there was a reminder that the Broncos were on the way:

2. Then came a shot of the crowd at the event:

3. A re-tweet of a line from the president’s speech:

4. A thank you for “honoring” the troops:

5. A RT of the president receiving his obligatory swag:


6. Video!

And finally, a Peyton Manning autograph:

The president did touch on the importance of the military in his speech. From the Washington Post:

Ahead of the ceremony, the Broncos players met with veterans as part of the Wounded Warriors program, and the president emphasized that “as much fun as this [football] is, it only happens because of the extraordinary sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.”

But it was the Broncos who tweeted out an image of the “real heroes”:

Here are the 2 tweets honoring the military. One is a link to a Facebook post where the president talks about his meeting with a wounded Army Ranger, Cory Remsburg and the 2nd is a RT of Remsburg linking back to the same Facebook post:


Flashback. Curt Schilling was right:

Maybe next time, 7 tweets on the Wounded Warriors and 2 on the football players, heh?



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