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The Hill just embarrassed itself trying to mock Donald Trump's spelling

Yes, Donald Trump makes spelling errors in his tweets from time to time (as do we all), but it looks like it’s The Hill that will get mocked this time.


They’re going after him for spelling “judgment” as “judgement”:

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for her “stupidity” in a tweet Sunday morning, but misspelled the word “judgment” in the process.

Here’s the original tweet:

Although The Hill does acknowledge that “judgement” is an acceptable alternate spelling:

While the dictionary does list ‘judgement’ as an alternate spelling, many spell check operations consider it a misspelling. Merriam-Webster notes that ‘judgement’ is an older spelling that has fallen out of use in the United States.

And The Hill should know it’s acceptable because a search for “judgement” on yeilds 160 hits:



Some examples:



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